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How to Fill Italian Embassy Visa Appointment Application Form and DOV Form from Pakistan

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Every year, (italian embassy) many candidates apply to the different Italian Universities in different degree programs from all over Pakistan. And many of them facing issues and several difficulties during applying and one of the main issues is Filling the Italian Embassy Visa Appointment Application Forms or DOV Forms to Italian Universities. 

But no worries! Now here you are, Scholarship Friend providing you complete Italian Embassy Application Form Process step by step with different Demo DOV Forms (Already Filled for your guidance). So make sure that you read the complete steps and guidelines carefully and follow them accordingly.

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What is DOV and Why we need it?

DOV stands for “Declaration of Value“. The Declaration of Value is an official document that provides short information of a certain academic qualification, that is awarded to a specific candidate by an institution that is belonging to an educational system other than the Italian one.

It is the main requirement of an Italian Study Visa and a candidate must apply for this to the Embassy of Italy Islamabad.
There are following documents are required for the application which is officially announced in the Italian Embassy checklist, which is given below:

  1. Bachelors Documents, which are must be attested from HEC and Ministry of Foreign Affairs) with 2 copies and also an Italian Translation version of my Bachelor’s Degree and Transcript.
  2. Matric and Intermediate DMC’s, attested from the IBCC and Foreign Office with 2 attested copies and also Italian Translation Version.
  3. Domicile Certificate attested 2 copies.
  4. Applicant Passport with 3 copies and also attested version.
  5. Admission Letter and offer letter
  6. Authority Letter, (if the applicant is outside the country and their family relatives are apply for him from Pakistan, so in this situation, the candidate need this authority letter)

So after completing this process, an applicant must book an appointment with the Italian Embassy of Islamabad and then submit all the documents. Then You will receive DOV Form through Email.

Visa Appointment Forms for Italian Universities

Here is the detailed information about the forms which will be provided by the Italian Embassy Islamabad, when a candidate has already applied for the PRE-ENROLMENT and VISA APPLICATION.

So be attentive and check your email daily because they will also provide Dov forms and further details through Email. (Google mail) 

There are Five Forms including 3 DOV Forms and 2 Checklists. Here are the complete details about forms and their names, so checkout:

1.updated_student_visa_checklist PDF File

  • In this checklist form, there is some required information that the candidate must provide to the Embassy of Italy Islamabad during the application process.

2._dov_checklist PDF File

In this checklist form, the embassy requires the following Academic Documents, Transcripts, Authority letters etc. from the candidate. Which are important to provide correctly during application.

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3._dov_form PDF Form

Third File us the Application for a Declaration of Equal Value 2 pages form, there are some information is required candidate must need to fill these correctly and authentically.

  • Correct ID Name of Candidate
  • Date of Birth of Candidate
  • Current City and Country
  • Nationality at Birth
  • Number of Travel Documents
  • Date of Issue/Valid Until
  • Current Address and Email
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Current Date
  • Signature


Here is the Complete Demo 3._dov_form PDF file and Download it by clicking the Button:

5._visa_form_d PDF Form

In this Visa Form, there are 4 pages in which a candidate must need to fill information correctly which are given, so check out the points and screenshot for better understanding:


  • Correct ID Name of Candidate
  • Attach Passport Size Image
  • Date of Birth of Candidate
  • Current City and Country
  • Gender/Sex
  • Nationality at Birth
  • Marital Status
  • National ID Card Number
  • Number of Travel Documents
  • Date of Issue/Valid Until
  • Current Address and Email
  • Contact Phone Number
  • University Name and contact number in which you have studied
  • Purpose of Travel
  • Name, Contact and Address of Italian University

Some information on Page 4, the candidate should to left for now because that will be filled by the Italian Embassy itself.

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Here is the Complete Demo Form and Download it for better understanding by Clicking the Button:


The fifth form is about those who want to visit Italy just for 90 days as a tourist vice holder. Which is no needed for the candidate.

So this is the information about the Italian Embassy Visa Appointment Application Process and makes sure to check all the information again and again for confirmation. And also contact the Embassy of Italy, Islamabad for further information about the Visa Application form.

I hope this information will help you to fill the forms correctly without any mistakes. So, Get in Touch with us for more guidance and helpful stuff.

Here are the complete Original DOV Form Files for Italian Embassy Visa Appointment, download the Folder!
Best of Luck

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