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International School for Advanced Studies – Admission Application Process – 2022/2023

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Hello, students! The Scholarship Friend team is back with another complete overview of an Italian university. The purpose of this article is to provide complete and authentic guidance on International School for Advanced Studies; History, Departments, Programs, Scholarships, Fees, Criteria and How to Apply Process.

Many international students are interested in applying to Italian Universities nowadays because the Italian universities offer many opportunities and scholarships to international students with reasonable fees for Masters and PhD (Doctoral) programs. Look for related posts so you can check these out too.  

University – History

The International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) is a public university in Trieste, Italy. Since 1978, it has been operating. Besides being a scientific center of excellence, the nation is an international academic center.

  • Official Address: Via Bonomea, 265, 34136 Trieste TS, Italy
  • Contact/Phone: +39 040 378 7111
  • Director: Prof. Andrea Romanino (s. 2021)
  • Total enrollment: 266 (Dec 31, 2014)

University – Ranking

  • The SISSA ranking is 148th according to US News Report’s ranking of the world’s best global universities.
  • It ranks 400th according to GTU Rank.
  • Among the US News Ranking for Regional Europe, SISSA is ranked 68th.
  • According to US News Report, SISSA is ranked 5th in Regional Italy.

University – Departments & Colleges

International School for Advanced Studies, main motto is “… to follow virtue and knowledge” and it focus on three areas i.e.

  • Physics
  • Neuroscience
  • Mathematics

In other words, it’s an advanced tech and scientific university, offering PhD programs, Professional PhD programs, Master’s degrees, and professional master’s courses. It has 13 research centers, 88 academic staff, and over 1,000 students. 

The main campus of the International School for Advanced Studies is located in Opicina. Up until 2010, SISSA’s administrative offices and all the research areas were located in Miramare Park. The ICPT and the department of theoretical physics are located here.

For more detail visit the official website of university. 

Tuition Fees

In addition to the different tuition fees for EU and non-EU students, the International School for Advanced Studies has a fixed fee of €156 (€140 Regional Tax and €16 duty stamp) and a variable fee that ranges between €0 and €4463.

Benefits & Facilities

Students can access many services and facilities at SISSA, including:

  • Information Technology and Computing Services
  • Library
  • The Park
  • Housing
  • Cafeteria
  • Kindergarten
  • Store

Costs of Living

Accommodation and living costs at the International School for Advanced Studies vary based on the type of accommodation. The average annual living cost is about RMB 25,000. 

How to Apply – Step by Step Complete Process 

SISSA’s application process is online, so you must submit your application online. Below, we provide you with a complete process for how to apply for admissions at SISSA:

Eligibility Criteria

There are the following eligibility criteria for SISSA.

Average Academic Score

  • GPA – 2, IB – 24, Percentage – 55

Average Entrance Score

  • IELTS – 5.5, TOEFL – 80

Required Application Documents:

For Master:

  • Online application/Application form
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent 
  • Official transcripts
  • 2 Letters of recommendation
  • Statement of purpose
  • Resume
  • Passport Copy
  • Photographs

Steps For Apply:

SISSA issues a PhD ANNOUNCEMENT every year open to candidates from all over the world. Candidates must submit an online application (see links below) to qualify for the PhD program.

Visit the link: Admission 

In order to pursue further education, you have to first select the degree program that you would like to pursue. After selecting the course, you have to apply to the specific degree program.

Complete all the required documents for the admission application process.

Link For: Recruitment

Submit all documents and information to the admission portal before the deadline, and pay the application fee required by the university. When the university has checked your documents, it will contact you and explain the next step. Make sure to check your email daily.

Link For: Tenders

I wish you the best of luck with your future! Make sure to be proud of yourself as well as for your family and tribe, so stay in touch with Scholarship Friend.

For more details visit the official website of the International School For Advanced Studies

Link: Official Website of SISSA

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