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Can International Students Get Full Funded Scholarship for Master’s Degree?

Yes, it’s possible. Almost all the top-ranked universities have scholarship programs, most of which are open to applications from international students. However, in order to receive a fully-funded scholarship for international students, your academic performance should be above the mark. You may need to maintain ideal grades and GPA for every course and must be a full-time grad student for every academic year.

Also, the grad school scholarship comes with its own set of criteria for eligibility. In order to get a scholarship to that could help pay for your Master’s degree, you may need to fall under the following:

  1. Merit (as required by the program)
  2. Financial Needs
  3. Background (some scholarships may require students from only specified countries and not otherwise)
  4. Intention to research in a particular area.  

Value and Benefits of Master’s Degree from International Universities

At Scholarship Friend, we believe that every student deserves to fulfill their dreams of acquiring higher education on every platform they ever wished for! Many students give up their dream of pursuing higher education due to financial issues. Unaware, that they not only leaving their studies but closing the door of opportunity which could lead them to a great and better future.

We have full faith that every student has that potential to grow, and just needs the right platform and support to show off their talents. A Master’s degree does not only pin more stars to your adroitness but opens more avenues of golden opportunities for you.

The scholarship programs which we bring to you are from the respected and recognized universities of the world. Universities whose students are recognized all over the world for their exemplary skills and talents. These universities are second to none in providing a world-class education to their students. It would be an honor for anyone to be a part of such educational institutions.

Not only that, but the degrees of these universities are in demand all over the world. This means it’s very easy to get a job in any country in the world, including some well-known companies in Pakistan. But studying at these universities can be very difficult and expensive which a normal person cannot afford.

One of the most important benefits of Master’s degree scholarships for society is that it gives us engineers, doctors, academics, lawyers from backgrounds that would make college financial aid hard to secure.

Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship in Germany 2021 fully funded - Scholarship Friend

Heinrich Boll Scholarship in Germany | Full Funded | 2021

Scholarship Friend - February 10, 2020

A Great Investment for a Better Future

Scholarships are ideal due to many reasons. Receiving a financial support could help you in achieving your dream. Alongside a world-class education, you get to experience a new culture and interact with students and professionals all around the world that helps you gain skills for better career development.

Be it progressing your career, starting a new business, or bringing change to your community; scholarship helps you finding new avenues of opportunity to grow further. 

If you are a brilliant student, striving for better education then obtaining a masters scholarship would be a one-of-a-lifetime decision for you. There are many different types of master’s degree scholarships program which vary considerably. 

Some are only intended to help with study-related costs like a textbook and other thing; while other cover the entire cost of living, including accommodation, tuition, relocation, and travel. All these fully funded scholarships are designed to help passionate and high-flyer students to reach their destination.

You just need to choose the right masters scholarship for yourself. 

Our word for students thinking about taking/not taking the scholarships for masters programmes, “this is going to be a great investment for your better future” 

How to Select an Ideal Scholarship for Master’s Program?

At Scholarship Friend, you will get an extensive range of fully funded master’s scholarships for developing countries which would cover all the expenditures of your accommodation, travels, and other requirements. But still, it would be your decision to choose the best amongst the rest. 

First of all, you need to make sure that the scholarship you are applying for is a good fit for yourself and your professional goals. Many master’s scholarships for international students set a criterion for the candidates which includes certain things including majors, or background. Before applying, kindly check the requirements and don’t apply for something which isn’t a right fit. It would waste your time and efforts. 

Research the scholarship program well. You would always want to know what the scholarship offers you, and how winning that scholarship would help you further in your professional goals. You would need to research the mission of that scholarship, and either the goals of the organization align with your own or not. Also, you need to keep an eye on deadlines as it is not a good idea to apply a night before.

Some scholarships require you to work with the foundation after winning the award, to keep a check on these trivial details, and make sure that this kind of condition aligns with your goals. 

At Scholarship Friend, our expert consultants are always available to help you out in making decisions regarding your career and studies.

We can suggest the best and ideal master’s scholarship programs suiting your majors and background. 

Find the Best Master’s Scholarship Opportunities with Us:

Your dream of acquiring higher education in one of your favorite fields has come true as we are bringing you the best and ideal scholarships for the master’s program. At Scholarship Friend, we have all the trivial information regarding the best scholarship programs from the most elite and trustworthy educational institutions around the globe. 

The international master’s scholarship programs that we offer are mostly fully funded or cover most of the expenses and gives you complete coverage of tickets, meals, accommodation, and Visa. Everything to provide a better and care-free environment to keep you focused on your studies and future. 

The master’s scholarship opportunities that we provide are from a world-class reliable institution. We make sure about the credibility, and status of the scholarship programs prior to offering them to our beloved students. Our international master’s scholarship programs offer a variety of fields for you to choose according to your expertise including MA, MBBS, MA, and MSC scholarships. Other available fields will be mentioned as provided by the host of the specific scholarship.

Scholarship from these international institutions will certainly add another milestone to your achievements and add a prominent value to your resume.  

Many organizations also proffer to work for them after you complete your studies, which means not only studies, but you will also have a chance to work abroad. Some of the active 

How Do I Win for A Master’s Scholarship as An International Student?

To apply for an international student scholarship may vary from one program to another. Normally, you need to complete some paperwork, but as a foreign student, things may be a little different. In order to obtain a Master’s degree scholarship, you must have to get finish your Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university in the world. If you cover this condition, then you have to follow the procedures enlisted below:

  • Get the Latest Masters scholarship information from a reliable website: Scholarship friend keeps you updated with all the latest information regarding scholarship programs and assist you in choosing your career.
  • Make sure you meet the eligibility criteria:Before you apply, make sure to read the eligibility criteria of the specific scholarship program. Every program asks for many different requirements such as different backgrounds, academic records, or even work experience. Read the eligibility criteria carefully before applying.
  • Apply at least one month before the deadline:

If you want to apply for one of the scholarships in our portal, then it is ideal for you to apply a month before, or any earliest time possible. Applying on late dates will not only cause your application to go unnoticed but also affect your credibility. 

  • Write an effective application/essay

A well written, and attention-grabbing essays always do magic. To write a well-written and engaging essay for a scholarship make sure to follow the following points:

  1. Attention-grabbing first sentence
  2. A short explanation, for what you are going to talk about in your essay
  3. Short paragraphs
  4. Avoid introducing yourself 
  5. The thesis statement in which you address the essay prompt. 
  • Apply to as many scholarships as possible: 

Applying frequently increases your chances. Avail and apply for as many scholarships as possible to achieve your goal. 

  • Provide correct information: Often in haste, we miswrite our information or other details about ourselves which cost us afterward. Getting your contact details or other personal information wrong lands a very bad impression on the selectors.
    It makes you look unprofessional as well as potentially delaying the process because of wrong information. So, make sure to punch in the correct details and triple-check before submitting your application.
  • Include all the required details: While applying for a scholarship make sure you have all the vital information punched in your application which the selection panel has asked for. An application with missing items does not make the best first impression.