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Sapienza University of Rome | Complete Application Process | 2022-2023

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Sapienza University of Rome Application Process Step by Step 2021 & 2022 - Scholarship Friend

The Sapienza University of Rome is one of the oldest university in Europe. The Sapienza University of Rome offers many opportunities and scholarships to national and international students all around the world.

University – History

The Sapienza University of Rome was founded in 1303 and it is the oldest university in Rome and the largest university in Europe. Sapienza University has a high enrollment rate because it is one of the reputable universities in Italy and usually ranks first in southern Europe.

There are many Presidents and Parliamentarians, Nobel Laureates, Commissioners, Scientists, Head of States, associated with the Sapienza University of Rome.

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University – Ranking

The Sapienza University of Rome is ranked in Italy.

  • According to, US News Report of the World Best Global Universities Rankings, Sapienza University is ranked the world’s 114th.
  • And according to, QS Global Universities ranking report ranked 171th globally.
  • In Regional Europe, ranked 48th according to US News Report.

University – Courses & Programs

The Sapienza University of Rome comprises has a total of 11 faculties & 65 departments, with over 700 years of history, more than 115,000 total students, 2,200 officials, 3,300 professors, technicians and librarians in addition to 1,600 employees in its university hospital.

The university also offers many research programs in Engineering, Natural Sciences, Humanities, Biomedical Sciences and many more.

Departments and Field of Study:

The Sapienza University of Rome provides many fields of study or departments for National and international students, some of them are given below:

  • Communication and Social Research
  • Computer Science
  • Design and Architectural
  • Dynamic and Clinical Psychology, and Health Studies
  • Translational and Precision Medicine
  • Public Health and Infectious Diseases
  • Sense Organs
  • Social and Developmental Psychology
  • Social Sciences and Economics
  • Earth Sciences
  • Economics and Law
  • Environmental Biology
  • European, American and Intercultural Studies
  • Architecture and Design
  • Ancient World Studies
  • Astronautical, Electrical and Energy Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Chemistry and Technology of Drugs
  • Oral and Maxillo-Facial Sciences
  • Philosophy
  • Physics
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Surgical Sciences
  • Statistical Sciences
  • Structural and Geotechnical Engineering

For more details check out the official website of the University by clicking here!

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Tuition Fees

The Tuition Fees structure and other funding costs of the Sapienza University of Rome are different for each program. 

  • For Bachelors and Masters Degree Program, the annual tuition fee is € 3000 to € 3500 approximately.
  • For other fees may vary for each program. So you should visit the official website of the university.

For details check out by Clicking here! 

Costs of Living

Living costs are depending on the type of accommodation whether you are living.

The approximately annual cost of living is

  • € 4,800

For More details, you can check out the official website.

Benefits and Facilities

The Sapienza University of Rome offers a wide array of Services and Facilities to the Students such as

  • Canteens, Cafes and Snack Points
  • Student Housing
  • Sapienza Library System
  • 24H Reading Rooms
  • Health and Well-being
  • Student Cards
  • Student-collaboration Scholarships
  • Architectural and Sensory Accessibility
  • Student Insurance
  • Student Discounts
  • many more!

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Application Documents – Requirements 

There are following application documents are required for the application to the Sapienza University of Rome that depends on the degree program such as:

For Bachelors & Masters Degree Program: 

  • Common Application
  • Photocopy of your academic transcript issued by your university
  • Photocopy of your high school diploma
  • Copy of your ID (Personal Identity Card) or Passport
  • Copy of your study Visa (for non-EU citizens living abroad)
  • Copy of your residence permit (for non-EU citizens)
  • Italian Language Certificates.

Other documents/requirements may vary for each program. So visit the official website of the university. 

Eligible Criteria

The eligibility criteria may vary on each program at the Sapienza University of Rome. So you may focus on the criteria of a program in which you are interested before applying.

  • Average Academic Score: GPA – 2.8, IB – 30, Percentage – 70.
  • Entrance Scores: IELTS – 6, TOEFL – 74. 

For more information you should check out each program individually by clicking here!

University Deadlines

The deadlines for applying & submitting your applications to the Sapienza University of Rome for Academic Year 2021-2022 is 30th November 2021. 

  • All the application process is online.
  • Pre-enrolment is mandatory for all non-EU students living abroad and requires a study visa.

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How to Apply – Step by Step Complete Process 

The Application Process of the Sapienza University of Rome is online. So, you need to submit your application online. Now we are providing you step by step process for applications which are given below:

Steps For Apply:

  • Step – 1, first you need to complete the pre-selection application.
  • Step – 2, Make sure you fill the application with correct information and uploaded documents must be in English or Italian and submit. 
  • Step – 3, After applications, will be evaluated within two weeks from the submission date. If evaluated positively, you will receive the acceptance letter from the university (which means you’re eligible for admission).
  • Step – 4, After receiving the confirmation e-mail, you can deliver original documents. All the certificated copies of documents listed on the International Admission page on the website. 
  • Step – 5, Address is Sapienza Universita di Roma, Palazzina Sevizi Generali, Scala C, 2nd Floor Piazzala Aldo Moro, 5 – 00185 Rome.
  • Step – 6, After validation of documents you can complete the enrollment on the info stud system, by paying your first instalment Tuition fee and regional tax.

For more info check out the Official University website:

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