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University of Padua | How to Apply, Fees, Courses, Criteria | 2022-2023

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University of Padua Application Process that how to apply, Required Documents, Free Sturcture, Eligible Criteria, Deadlines and Courses in 2021-2022, Scholarship Friend

Italy is known and famous for its oldest universities. The University of Padua is one of the famous and ranked Italian university, which provides many opportunities and also scholarships to International Students all around the world. 

Overview of Padua University 

University – History

The University of Padua was established in the year 1222 in the Italian city of Padua, Veneto as a “School of Law”. This university is the 2nd oldest university in Italy and 5th oldest university in the world with currently enrols over 65,000+ students and 2000+ staff. So, it’s a great honour to study here.

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University – Ranking

The University of Padua ranking is pretty much higher than other Italian University. In 2020:

  • According, US News & World Report the World Best Global Universities Rankings, Padua University is ranked World’s 114th and 45th in Europe.
  • In Regional Italy, Padua University ranked is 1st according to US News Report.

University – Courses & Programs

The University offers a wide range of programs in Food, Agronomy, Animals and the Environment, Natural Resources, Production and Health, Animal Medicine, Chemical Sciences, Cinema and Music, Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences, Cardiac, Public, International and Community Law, and many more. 

The Padua University also conducts extensive development and research projects like Economics and Political Sciences, Agricultural Science and Veterinary Medicine, Engineering, Social Sciences and Cultural Heritage, Psychology, Medicine and Surgery, Law, and Sciences.

Tuition Fees Structure and Cost

Tuition Fees

The Tuition Fees structure and other funding costs of the University of Padua are different for every Degree Program which is given below:

The Standard Amounts of Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programs depend on your Degree programme which you have selected like for Group of 

  • Humanistic – €2529
  • Scientific – €2622

The fee varies on each program. So, please visit the official website of the university for a better understanding.

Costs of Living

Living costs are depending on the type of accommodation whether you are living in a single room or sharing with roommates, so Check here some approximates which are given below: 

  • Single room accommodation cost from €250 to €400 + utilities.
  • Double room accommodation cost from €150 to €350 + utilities.
  • Grocery shopping of 1 week from supermarket cost around €60.
  • Public Transport – Bus/Tram passes cost from €12 (weekly) or €380 (annual).

 So the One monthly living cost maximum included Rent and bills (€300), Grocery shopping and meals (€250) and free time and sport (€160) total is euro €710.

Benefits and Facilities

The University of Padua offers a wide array of Services and Facilities to the Students such as

  • EasyBadge software for monitoring and tracking of Student Class Attendance.
  • Flash Card is given to the newly enrolled student as a University Badge.
  • OrariUnipd is an app designed for the students to get back to the classroom and routes.
  • Libraries for building internal learning community between students.
  • Study and Multimedia Facilities for students.
  • Email, Wi-fi and mobile phones are provided by the university.

Eligible Criteria and Requirements

If you meet the Eligibility Criteria and Requirements, you will be automatically included in the Selection Procedure. The criteria depend on degree programs such as

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Bachelor’s Degree Program:

  • To be eligible for admission to a Bachelor’s Degree program, you need a minimum 12-year school record.
  • If you have been awarded a Final Diploma after a shorter programme of study to become eligible.
  • And have attended at least 1 or 2 years of academic studies and passed all the scheduled exams.

Master’s Degree Program:

  • To be eligible for admission to a Master’s Degree Program, you must need a Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent Foreign qualification with specific curricular requirements.

Departments and Field of Study

The University of Padua provides many fields of study or degree programs for National and international students, some of them are given below:

  • Department of CULTURAL HERITAGE
  • Department of ENGINEERING
  • Department of MEDICINE AND SURGERY
  • Department of PHARMACY
  • Department of SPORT SCIENCES
  • Department of PSYCHOLOGY
  • Department of SCIENCE
  • Department of SOCIOLOGY
  • Department of STATISTICS

For more details, you must check the official Courses page of the website by clicking here.

How to Apply – Step by Step Complete Process 

The Application Process of the University of Padua is online. So, you need to apply online. Now we are providing you complete step by step process for applications which are given below:

Steps For Apply:

— If you have been awarded an Italian Bachelor’s Degree/Secondary School Diploma, you must follow the instructions in the Call for applications, usually published in June on the University’s Website.

— And If you have been awarded an International Bachelor’s Degree/Secondary School Diploma, please follow the instructions below:

— First, you need to understand the University of Padua criteria, eligibilities and rules & regulations.

— Then you need to select your degree programme(s), you can select up to 3-degree programmes at a time by using the search tool on the Apply page. 

— Read carefully all the information and make sure you fulfil all the requirements for the degree programme to which you are applying.

  • The List of Documents required to apply, and have ready for upload before apply.
  • Academic transcript
  • Valid ID card (only for EU – or equivalent – applicants)/Passport
  • Motivation Letter;
  • Italian Residence permit (for non-EU applicants already residing in Italy)
  • Upper secondary school certificate/Academic qualification (if already obtained);
  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • Language proficiency certificates (if required for the chosen degree programme);
  • Other specific documents required for the chosen degree programme

— Please keep all the following documents ready in (PDF format) for upload. For confirmation of required documents click here!

— Click on the “Sign in/Register” button on the top of the Website.

— If you have never registered before, click on “I’m a new applicant”.

— Then insert your valid Email Address. A single-use pin code will appear on the screen. Please specify an email address you regularly check and do not sign up more than once by using different email addresses (otherwise your application will be rejected by the university!)

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— Open your email account, click on the verification link which you have received, type the pin code and set your password.

— Now you are ready to Sign In and Complete your application.

— Click on “Save” to save your application, even it incomplete. 

— Make sure you have filled all the fields and uploaded all the necessary documents before clicking on “Submit”. Kindly recheck all the information you have filled in the application form. Because after the submission you can’t do any of the changes. So be careful!

— Pay attention to the feedback and requests for further actions you will receive. Last but not least… Do not miss the Deadlines.!

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