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University of Science and Technology of China – Admission Application Process 2022-2023

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Hi Friends! The Scholarship Friend is back today with another article about the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), a school that focuses primarily on computer science, information technology and science. It provides many study opportunities to national and international students throughout the World.

As you know the world is now changing and upgrading day by day. Technology and information are rapidly advancing in the global village. Therefore, we need to learn new techniques and acquire upgraded knowledge to survive in the future. USTC offers many degree programs in different fields of study to our young generation in a healthy learning environment.

So without further ado! We will provide you with all the information you need regarding USTC to apply, so make sure you read all the following information carefully.

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University – History

Founded in 1958, the University of Science and Technology of China is a public research university located in Hefei, Anhui, China and a Chinese Ministry of Education Class A Double First Class University. The university has five campuses: East, South, West, North and Center Campus. 

  • Address: University of Science and Technology of China, No.96, JinZhai Road Baohe District, Hefei, Anhui, 230026, P.R.China.
  • E-mail:
  • Tel: 0551-62624550

University – Ranking

  • USTC is ranked 110th in the World Best Global Universities Rankings by US News Report.
  • The USTC ranks 98th globally according to QS Global Universities Ranking. 
  • The Ranking for Regional Asia is 12nd according to US News Report.
  • The USTC ranking for China is 3rd.

University – Departments, Faculty & Campuses

More than 16,588 students are enrolled at the University of Science and Technology of China, including 7,667 undergraduates and 8,921 graduate students. The university has more than 1,812 faculty members and an acceptance rate of 88%.

University of Science and Technology of China comprises more than thirty programs and departments some of them are: Department of Modern Physics, Department of Astronomy, Department of Physics, Department of Optics and Optical Engineering Physics Experiment Teaching Center, Department of Chemistry, Department of Chemical Physics, Department of Materials Science & Engineering, Department of Polymer Science and Engineering, Chemical Experimental Teaching Center, Molecular Biology and Cell Biology, Neurobiology and Biophysics, Systems Biology, Biomedicine and Biotechnology and many more. 

These departments are divided into 19 schools, including School of Software Engineering, School of Management, School of Environment Science and Electro-Optical Technology, School of Material Science and Engineering, Suzhou Institute for Advanced Study, USTC, Shanghai Institute for Advanced Studies, USTC, Institute of Advanced Technology, USTC, Humanities & Social Science, Continuing Education, and many more.

University – Programs 

In USTC, there are the following programs which are given below:

Tuition Fees

The Tuition fee of the University of Science and Technology of China is depending on each different degree program.


  • The fee for 1 year is 400 RMB.
  • The fee of 1 to 3 years’ period is 800 RMB.
  • The fee of 3 to 5 years’ period is 1000 RMB.

For complete details check out the link: Tuition Fee

Benefits & Facilities

The USTC offers many services and facilities to the students which are given below:

  • Student Canteen
  • Restaurants
  • USTC Time-Tea Restaurant
  • Accommodation
  • Canteen & Cafeteria
  • Library
  • Sports Facilities
  • Net Services
  • Postal Service
  • Bank Service
  • Shuttle Bus 

For further details, visit the link here: Facilities 


For international students at USTC, the cost of accommodation and living varies depending on the type of accommodation. 

The cost of living is approximately RMB 25,000 per year.

Eligibility Criteria

There are the following eligibility criteria for USTC.

Average Academic Score

  • GPA – 2.5, IB – 27, Percentage – 60, Acceptance Rate – 88% 

Average Entrance Score

  • IELTS – 6.5, SAT – 1300

How to Apply – Step by Step Complete Process 

To apply to the University of Science and Technology of China, you’ll need to fill out an online application form. We’ve provided you with step-by-step instructions for applying to USTC, which are given below:

Required Application Documents:

For Bachelor:

  • Application form
  • High school graduation certificate and transcripts
  • Recommendation letter from a senior high school
  • Official SAT/ACT score
  • SAT- 1300, ACT- 27 and IB points 35
  • Interview
  • HSK Level 5 or above 

For Master:

  • Application form
  • Bachelor’s degree certificate and transcripts
  • Two recommendation letters
  • Resume
  • Study plan
  • Foreigner Physical Examination Form

Steps for Apply:

  • To continue your studies, you must first choose the degree program that you wish to pursue.
  • Next, you must apply to that program.
  • Be sure to have all the required documents.
  • You must then upload all documents and information to the admission portal before the deadline without any errors. 
  • An application fee must be paid to the university.
  • Essentially, the administration of USTC will review all the submitted information and documents, contact you for further information, and guide you through the next steps. 
  • Keep in touch with them regularly and check your email regularly.

I wish you the best of luck in your future! Be proud of yourself, as well as your family and tribe.

For more details, visit the official website of USTC

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